the gravel philosophy

What is the Gravel philosophy?

Gravel is not just a type of bicycle: it is a real philosophy of being on a bike.

“Catch and go”, get on your bike and go on an adventure, discovering new horizons.

Gravel bicycles are born with this very purpose: they are the best travel companions for those who want to let themselves go to a different, experiential tourism, to the emotions that a varied itinerary can offer (and the Gravel Marathon Valle Spluga is one of the most complete in the world!).

Those who ride a road bike know what it means to notice a small road between the trees, to their right, and think: “what a beautiful path, but who knows how hard that climb is ..!”.

Not having wide range of speed as mountain-bike the road racer knows that he is limited in certain types of adventures.

The same feeling that a mountain-biker will feel when he realizes that to move from his position to that beautiful path that a friend of his had recommended… well, to do so many kilometers on the tarmac, the narrow tires of a racing bike would be needed!

With the Gravel there are no problems and, at the same time, there are no excuses. They are bicycles with comfortable geometries, suitable for tackling any path. With wide tires to go off-road, but with comfortable lines to be able to pedal several hours even on the road. Not to mention all the precautions that allow you to attach bags and other supports to the bike, making a gravel trip an unforgettable experience, to do alone, with friends or with family!

What is a Gravel bike?

Road bike or MTB? With the Gravel, you get both results!

If we wanted to explain and summarize the meaning in cycling jargon of the term “Gravel“, we could say that they are “hybrid” bicycles between road and mountain bikes.

The “Gravel” is a bike that was created for those who are not looking for high-level performance from a sporting point of view, but who intend to discover new routes in the open air, ready to tackle both paved and “dusty” routes without difficulty, in the mountains, in the hills or at the lake (as the Gravel Marathon Valle Spluga, one of the most complete experiences in Italy in this area).

Despite having wide tires, Gravel bikes are easily distinguished from mountain bikes due to their “curved” drop bars. At the same time, they are not cyclocross or road bikes: they have more “relaxed” geometries, which allow the cyclist to pedal for hours in a more comfortable position for the back, paying duty as regards aerodynamics … Which is not certainly necessary for explorers who are mainly intent on cycling in the open air and discovering new paths.

The Gravel is the ideal bike for road cyclists wishing to try an adventure holiday, or for bikers interested in trying a gran fondo or approaching road cycling gradually, passing from single track to trails.

But, even more, it is the ideal bike for those who want to start pedaling in contact with Nature but do not yet know what to choose: road or mtb?

With the Gravel, you will realize, it is no longer necessary to give up anything.

What is a Gravel Marathon?

The Gravel Marathon is the most complete event dedicated to those who want to HAVE FUN on their bikes.

And there are so many ways to enjoy cycling.

Let’s take for example the most complete event in the sector, the Gravel Marathon Valle Spluga.

Cycling in company is very simple: there is only one unique, new route that takes participants across the plains and hills, to the lake and to the mountains.

For those want to taste the typical products of a territory, in addition to the views, having fun at the Gravel Marathon Valle Spluga is just as simple: three refreshment points along the route allow real Gourmet tastings!

Someone on a bicycle, however, has fun with the adrenaline of the challenge: and what is better than 5 timed sections to put everyone in competition, both with themselves and with others?

This is what a Gravel Marathon is: a single event for infinite passions.

Fun guaranteed.

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